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I loved it! Highly recommended. The Gutter Prayer is captivating and complex. Guerdon is a city that seethes with history, horror, and hidden secrets , and Hanrahan's assured style is reminiscent of China Mievelle in the best way possible. Gareth Hanrahan's three-month break from computer programming to concentrate on writing has now lasted fifteen years and counting.

He's written more gaming books than he can readily recall, by virtue of the alchemical transmutation of tea and guilt into words.

Gutter A Novel

He lives in Ireland with his wife and three children. Follow him on Twitter at mytholder.

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    The slimy water in the gutter was lit with pink fire from the evening sun, and he looked up and saw it big and very red up there, the flares shooting out from the blazing sphere, merging with the orange clouds, so that the sky was like a huge opal, the glowing colors floating and blending, and it was really something to look at. And he wondered if anyone else was looking up at it right now and thinking the same thing. But as his gaze returned to the street he saw the dirty-faced kids playing in the gutter, he saw a drunk sprawled on a doorstep, and three middle-aged men sitting on the curb and drinking wine from a bottle wrapped in old newspaper.

    Yet there was a time — roughly from to — when Goodis enjoyed a wide following among readers of American noir fiction and, whether they realized it or not, American moviegoers.

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    Dark Passage , his second novel, was serialized in the Saturday Evening Post in and appeared as a film two years later, starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. He published fourteen novels in that span of ten years, a steady output but nothing unheard of in the annals of pulp writers. He cashed in again by working on the script adaptation of the book.

    His contract with Warner Brothers was eminently fair: it stipulated six months of film work and six months during which he could return to Philadelphia and write fiction. Despite these generous terms, Goodis never settled into the Hollywood lifestyle. There was a period when he took an apartment in the fashionable Hollywood Tower Apartments, but this was an aberration. He refused to attend parties and preferred to dine in hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Warner Brothers requested eleven treatments for Of Missing Persons in alone.


    But by , he was either disillusioned with writing for the screen or had fallen out of favor at Warner Brothers. Accounts vary. His work in those years appeared as paperback originals, mostly from Gold Medal, a measure which no doubt ensured a wider readership. He was more respected as a literary figure in France than the United States. It was a serious blow to Goodis, who briefly committed himself to the Philadelphia Psychiatric Center.

    His physical health was failing, too. He told his family he suffered from a heart condition, and the aftermath of a mugging around that time left one of his eyes incurably bloodshot. He died less than a year later, of a cerebral vascular incident. Readers quickly forgot Goodis and what had drawn them to him in the first place.

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    There were his uniquely riveting depictions of grim, hard post-war Philadelphia in books like Nightfall And then there was his mordant wit. Take his beautifully turned observation in Street of No Return , when Whitey, a crooner-cum-Skid Row bum, needs to scrounge up some change for a drink. When he reaches bottom, all he needs is a bed and wine.

    At other times, though, Goodis missed his mark badly. His style was often inelegant. He presented needlessly thorough lists of actions and mundane details in novels short of two-hundred pages. Consider a scene in Nightfall , when police detective Fraser comes home to his wife:. In the kitchen he sat down at a small white table and she began preparing a salad. It looked good to her and she added things to make it enough for two. There was a pitcher of lemonade and she put more ice and sugar and water in it and sat down at the table with him. She watched him as he tackled the salad.